About Me

stylized digital portrait of a person with shoulder length wavy brown hair, a beard, and pale skin. They have a blank expression and are wearing a black lace tank top, a red flannel, and a green blanket.

really how i look
picrew by pepperjackets

✤ Simon ✤

  • 24
  • artist
  • denture lab processor
  • neurodivergent
  • silly little man thing
  • aro greyace

✧ what does this creature do with itself? ✧

an artist at heart, i take to any medium, but my main are paintings and pen drawings. i love paint color mixing/matching. with drawing ocs i enjoy learning anatomy and depicting the real everyday human body. i also dabble in digital, pixel art, sculpture, sewing, embroidery, jewelry, etc. i think making art (also singing and dancing) are instinctual human activities, and its a shame our culture only encourages these activities if you are "good" and can make a career (money) out of it

being "good" at art i was expected to go to art school, but instead i went for chemistry (then dropped out), and now i have found myself in a dental lab helping make dentures. no emails, no meetings, no phone calls, no customer service, its wonderful. i like my work (i work with my hands), and im even friends with my coworkers

❤ ♡ Beloved ♡ ❤

  • blankets!
  • glass!
  • my friends!!!
  • rainbows and colors!
  • rocks and coins
  • diagrams
  • organizing/sorting :3
  • small crafts
  • kitties
  • mint


  • diet culture
  • grind culture
  • ads + marketing
  • account registrations requiring your phone number
  • every service requiring an app to use
  • jeff bezos, elon musk, mark zuckerberg
  • white/grey minimalism
  • ppl who tell fake stories just to gloat abt how they tricked you

❀ why necocities? ❀

truth is i wanted to make a tumblr theme, so i set about learning html and css. i made html files with examples of what i learned, each one styled differently with css. A few i was proud enough of that i wanted to publish them online to share with friends, but i had trouble finding a site publisher that let me use html/css instead of templates. i finally found neocities and it was exactly what i was looking for! seeing other peoples sites i decided to make my own homepage and publish some art along with my site designs. i never ended up making the tumblr theme, but my site has grown so much!

resonating with the culture here was incidental. it turns out most everyone else here is also tired of being bombarded with ads, big companies selling their data, algorithms, subscriptions, clickbait, mindless scrolling, etc. here everyone is so genuine. people decorate their sites with whatever inspires them and make detailed pages on niche topics theyre interested in. the creativity and earnest here is refreshing

☾ ⚧ gender fuckery ⚧ ☽

im technically nonbinary but i live my life as a trans man, somewhat stealth. i dont feel a strong connection to binary men or women, but i do heavily relate to nonbinary people, with my closest friends being nb. i use he/him pronouns and have been on t for three years! i'm happy with my transition and don't have any other plans. im stealth around coworkers because don't like explaining myself to cishet people, but i wouldnt change being trans, as i value the perspective it gives me

⚜ sexuality? ⚜

♠ ➵ long story short im aromantic and greyasexual. i think our culture puts undue emphasis on romantic/sexual relationships, so much that people feel like failures or unworthy when they are single. in a heteronormative culture where everyone is expected to get married, have kids, and own a single family house, i find kindship with gay and polyamorous people.

▽ i consider myself greyasexual because i do have kinks, but they dont include sex and im not interested in having sexual relationships. what fragment of attraction i do have though is towards men. i think all men are handsome, and gay bears especially so