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Solaria's Webspace

Simon 24

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This is my little website where I play around with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript! You can call me Simon or Solaria, I'm an adult with a full time job, I have AuDHD (leading me to interests like this one), and enjoy visual arts of all kinds! I initially joined Neocities in Feb 2022 to publish two blog designs, but ended up loving the culture, so my site blossomed from there. I started learning HTML and CSS from scratch in late 2021!

I used and highly recommend w3schools for learning HTML and CSS!

I didn't start using the internet on my own until 2012, so I'm not from the classic age of HTML websites, but I appreciate their lingering traces and think the internet would be a better place if we had more customization and less ads ^^

I embrace the self expression of the personal web, while also incorperating accessibility. Lover of hover effects.

Interaction Online

I think online spaces have bred a hostile disscusion environment, where the main goal is to win the argument, and flex on the other person. I suspect this is due to most online spaces being public, where you have an audience to witness how cool and right you are.

Instead I encourage you to approach discussions with good faith, where instead of accusations, we ask what they mean by something, or why they think that. This is not to say we should tolerate bigotry, but to give well meaning people grace.

I have a chatbox at the bottom of my homepage for small comments and a guestbook for longer comments! Don't be afraid to comment on my Neocties profile either

General Interests

  • colors: color theory, rainbows, the concept of primary colors, mixing paint, the visible spectrum, etc
  • glass, crystals, water, prisms
  • minecraft: building houses, new updates, making skins
  • star trek: mainly TNG and DS9
  • celestial/space imagery
  • undertale and deltarune
  • painting, drawing, and assorted crafts

Buttons and Such!


World Wide Web, connecting people since 1991. HTML, learn it today! Made with Cascading Style Sheets. Made with Notepad. completely hand coded! Made with Neocities. Made directly in the Neocities code editor, like an idiot!, animated GIFs made easy. Internet Archive. wayback machine. Get Firefox, take back the web, rediscover the web, get Firefox, safer, better, faster, the browser you can trust. DuckDuckGo. Google Chrome is evil! I hate Macintosh. I hate Microsoft. Delete FaceBook now! Delete Twitter, make a Neocities! wikia sucks! This is an anti-NFT site. I support the right to repair. Internet privacy now! Tired AF of paywalls, advertisements, notifications, marketing emails, followers, likes, influencers, artificial scarcity, parasocial interaction. Don't you hate it when you're reading a page and then some - This content is for subscribers only (smiley face). Paywalls gatekeep knowledge. Its good to share. Piracy now! Jack the mp3 ripper. Best heard through a 3.5mm jack. Best viewed 1024 x 768 16 bit color. Best viewed with a computer. responsive website mobile friendly. warning, page contains JavaScript. Campaign against the campaign against frames, nobody cares. Just don't use them then, asshole. W3C shit HTML. Virus alert! Click here Don't click here! No! Pro-death, death positive, deathcare, death approved. Go straight to hell!. Every day I'm shufflin'. Kris where TF are we? Internet roadkill. Graphic design is my passion. Autism acceptance now! Minecraft. Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Change your gender today! You were diagnosed with gay. You're telling me a queer coded this? coded with pride. Queer pride. diagonal six color rainbow. rainbow arc with sparkles. believe in the radical power of friendship. sparkly rainbow. No nazi, no fascism, no racism.


ADHD! I can't hear you, no don't speak louder. brain damaged. crying and throwing up. I wanna fly away. Sometimes all I want to be is a missing person. if I seem a little strange, well, thats because I am. I need more time! Boldly going nowhere! Another internet loser. click to explode instantly. Uh oh stinky! my puddy tink. poop shitter. i eat microplastics. stick your dick in the DVD slot. corrupting gender... digital horder. I block ads. firefox user. I right click. bad website design! dress like shit. clutter queen, collector of everything. Not yours! were you born a jerk? Or did you have to work at it? Nosey little bastard aren't you? best buds. I heart my online friends. best online buddies. I miss you. I gaze at stars. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. flower lover. soft and warm. thinkin of ya. I heart cats. I say meow! Don't declaw your cat! Toadly awesome! I'm ready! pink panther. Despite everything ... its still you. Star Trek. Pink Floyd. Rainbows rock! Rainbow lover. Queer as in ... sex, life, healing, sunlight, nature, magic, serenity, spirit. We're here! We're queer! We're fabulous! I support gay rights. Pride is not being afraid of who you are. Gay pride. #GayBears. Gay sex. Feeling fruity? Gay old men. I heart guys in jeans. transgender. transgendered and loving it. werewolf. transgender werewolf. werewolf 4 werewolf. werewolf lover.


transmasc. NB man. he/him. gay. likes men. queer. aroace. gray ace. aromantic. in a relationship. rainbowcore. cottagecore. minecraft. undertale. deltarune.

✩ ✩ ✩

GLBT. asexual. I'm a boygirl. I'm hairy. not big. Bruce Springsteen. Johnny Cash. Pink Floyd. Mario Bros. MP3 download. wikipedia. hand coded.


deviantart stamps - too many to show here.

Hex stamps started by Mooeena! Linked to creators.

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trans flag pastel rainbow swirl yellow and blue arow ace flag rainbow infinity neurodivergent symbol grey ace flag with a gay flag heart rainbow water aromantic flag purple water rainbow origami stars.

Cool sites in the personal web sphere!

Site buttons!

What are these? What are they for?

You may see buttons with strange names on them, like these, in 88 by 31px button collections, among buttons that indicate interests, beliefs, or prefered programs.

In a way they are like stickers or business cards for personal sites. They usually contain the site's name and are given a unique design, providing a tiny snapshot into their site.

They are meant to be collected by other personal site owners, who display them on their own site, where they are linked to their creator. This lets people link to their favorite personal sites in a visually interesting way, where each link is unique!

Here is a collection of personal buttons and history behind them.

Somewhat similar to site buttons are webgardens which are mini site pages!

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My button!

solaria's webspace

Chickenham doesn't have a button yet, but they're my offline best buddie!! They have a soft pink and red aesthetic, and they make joyful cute art! (disclaimer: i was paid $420.69 for this promotion)

Foxrockit doesn't have a button or Neocities yet, but he's my online best buddie . It makes cool pixel art and is open for commissions! Enjoyer of green and purple (just like the jokey !).

Last updated: February 11, 2024

Created: February 14 2022

site color palette

  • black: rgb(5,0,15)
  • indigo: indigo (HTML color code)
  • twilight blue: #8C56F0
  • warm purple: #BF4A98
  • orange: rgb(255,147,50)
  • rich yellow: rgb(255,180,70)
  • bright yellow: rgb(255,207,50)
  • pale yellow: rgb(250,240,140)
  • ivory: rgb(245,240,220)

Certified by Lulu


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  • Symbols
    - my favorite symbols - lots of arrows
  • Fonts
    - google fonts with toggle settings
  • Rainbow Gradients
    - catalogue of rainbow color schemes
  • HTML Color Map
    - html colors sorted by color - each with html name, rgb code, and hex code

thank you for visiting my site ♡