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simon ✩ 22

designed with both computer and mobile viewers in mind :3

warning notice! warning
i use firefox and have not yet tested how my pages look in other browsers!


this is my little webpage where i play around with css/html and eventually javascript! you can call me simon or solaria im 22, have adhd (leading me to hyperfixations like this one), and enjoy visual arts of all kinds. i hope to become more tech savvy but i have a long way to go ^^;

ive been wanting to publish my little web designs, and neocities is just what ive been looking for!!!

ive been learning html and css from tutorials by w3schools!!! their demos are really nice for learning

i didn't start using the internet on my own until 2012 so im not really from the classic age of html websites, but i adore their lingering traces and i think the internet would be a better place if we had more customization and less ads

general interests :3

buttons and such!

last updated: june 5 2022

created: febuary 14 2022

★ New! ★

  • removed music (didnt like it on all pages)
    - 6/5/22
  • edited scrollbars for updates and new
    - 4/17/21
  • made the glow of my title pulse + title expand on hover
    - 3/28/22
  • added music!
    - 3/28/22
  • removed html interests section on homepage (redundant) + added button section
    - 3/20/22
  • added a rainbow catalogue
    - 3/15/22
  • reorganized my hompage links
    - 3/13/22
  • added a border image guide
    - 3/12/22
  • added "new" and "update" sections to my homepage
    - 3/12/22
  • gave my homepage two sidebars
    - 3/12/22
  • made the cursor on my poem page rain sparkles
    - 3/12/22
  • made my sidebars stick without excess blank space on pages
    - 3/12/22
  • made a dyslexia web design guide
    - 3/11/22

    to do:
  • guestbook
  • make buttons: undertale
  • oc page(s)?