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this is my little website where i play around with css/html and javascript! you can call me simon or solaria im 23, have adhd (leading me to hyperfixations like this one), and enjoy visual arts of all kinds. i joined neocities in feb 2022 to publish two site designs, but ended up loving the culture, so my site blossomed from there. I started learning HTML and CSS from scratch in late 2021!

i used and highly recommend w3schools for learning html and css!!!

i didn't start using the internet on my own until 2012 so im not from the classic age of html websites, but i appreciate their lingering traces and i think the internet would be a better place if we had more customization and less ads ^^

warning: this page features lots of small flashing gifs in the buttons section

i embrace the fun personal touches users in the early 2000s achieved with html and css, while also incorperating responsive design, allowing viewers to experience my pages on all screen sizes. lover of hover effects

general interests :3

buttons and such!

World Wide Web, connecting people since 1991 HTML, learn it today! Made with Cascading Style Sheets Made with Notepad Made with Neocities Made directly in the Neocities code editor, like an idiot! W3schools.com EZgif.com, animated GIFs made easy Internet Archive Get Firefox, take back the web, rediscover the web, get Firefox, safer, better, faster, the browser you can trust DuckDuckGo Google Chrome is evil! I hate Macintosh I hate Microsoft Delete FaceBook now! Delete Twitter, make a Neocities! wikia sucks! This is an anti-NFT site I support the right to repair Internet privacy now! Tired AF of paywalls, adversiements, notifications, marketing emails, followers, likes, influcencers, artificial scarcity, parasocial interaction Don't you hate it when you're reading a page and then some - This content is for subscribers only (smiley face). Paywalls gatekeep knowledge Its good to share Piracy now! Jack the mp3 ripper Best heard through a 3.5mm jack Best viewed 1024 x 768 16 bit color Best viewed with a computer Campaign against the campaign against frames, nobody cares. Just don't use them then, asshole W3C shit HTML Virus alert! Click here Don't click here! No! Pro-death, death positive, deathcare, death approved Go straight to hell! Every day I'm shufflin' Kris where TF are we? Internet roadkill Graphic design is my passion Autism acceptance now! Minecraft Star Trek Deep Space Nine Change your gender today! You were diagnosed with gay You're telling me a queer coded this? coded with pride Queer pride diagonal six color rainbow rainbow arc with sparkles believe in the radical power of friendship sparkly rainbow No nazi, no fascism, no racism

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ADHD! I can't hear you, no don't speak louder brain damaged crying and throwing up I wanna fly away Sometimes all I want to be is a missing person I need more time! Boldly going nowhere! Another internet loser click to explode instantly Uh oh stinky! my puddy tink poop shitter i eat microplastics stick your dick in the DVD slot corrupting gender... digital horder I block ads I right click bad website design! dress like shit Not yours! were you born a jerk? Or did you have to work at it? Nosey little bastard aren't you? best buds I heart my online friends best online buddies I miss you I gaze at stars Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. flower lover soft and warm thinkin of ya I heart cats I say meow! Don't declaw your cat! Toadly awesome! I'm ready! Despite everything ... its still you star Trek Pink Floyd Rainbows rock! I love rainbows rainbow lover Queer as in ... sex, life, healing, sunlight, nature, magic, serenity, spirit We're here! We're queer! We're fabulous! I support gay rights Pride is not being afraid of who you are. Gay pride #GayBears Gay sex Feeling fruity? DILF lover Gay old men I heart guys in jeans transgender transgendered and loving it werewolf transgender werewolf werewolf 4 werewolf

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transmasc NB man he/him gay likes men queer aroace gray ace aromantic in a relationship rainbowcore cottagecore minecraft undertale deltarune

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GLBT asexual I'm a boygirl I'm hairy not big Bruce Springsteen Johnny Cash Pink Floyd Mario Bros MP3 download wikipedia hand coded

stamps - sourced directly from deviantart - too many to display here

see the collection section of my link page for more web buttons, blinkies, and badges!

cool people i follow that have their own button!

orloktopia macaque saturnas crib your devil friends spiders human finny ceterum censo uncanny villa lumpin zone hareryuu pleurodelinae colrana keys klub house ray of sunshine moss forest dollz doll archive solinus pixel glade satyrs forest pip pepping miss rene the cohort squid knees aegi time travelling birb static attic jett secret holopleather kiophen sky kristal lapis label lamorte mani myst saphyr artwork the rusty zone divergent rays cinnamuff emeowly a tiny space doqmeat nebula galaxy space bar spirit cellar moo eena darnielle anti krist kyomaku medulla the garden of madeline andou cherrywaves hill house comfort bechno kid virtual observer owlhari qrunchysnaq neon bandit vex charm nostalgic nonkiru cloverbell gaily novelry fat grrlz amriel blood type oh paint killer maddie muu blob garden wheys lounge benobii limineonal ghosting pen ruffian eel gardens orion overdrive moodle shiny EXE naxdot nugget industry lulu

Chickenham doesn't have a button yet, but they're my offline best buddie!! They have a soft pink and red aesthetic, and they make joyful cute art! (disclaimer: i was paid $420.69 for this promotion)

check out my webgarden to see some live minisites people have made!


Transmasculine Pride Webring

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last updated: September 24 2023

created: February 14 2022

certified by lulu

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my own little comments about working on my site ^^
  • would like to make a light and dark button for all my pages but that is long down the line in priorities. Working on avccessability in general atm, so im first focusing on img descrips, semantic html, and making sure buttons work with keyboard. after that i may adress light vs dark (an intensive edit bc my css is a hot mess)- 9/16/23
  • trying to learn more about accessability, but most of the more indepth resources (that go beyond alt text and color contrast) are so technical or abstract that they are ... inaccessable (to those with reading or comprehension disabilities, or simply to those unfamiliar with the practice). At least some examples would be nice.- 9/4/23
  • think ill be focused on my rainbow note pages for a little while. ive done a lot of expanding of my website the past many months, so it will be a nice break to focus on information and diagrams rather than code and new ideas ^^ im glad im back into the rainbow notes rather than abandoing them forever jdhjkfhd. i also made some breakthrough understanding on a few things that were stumping me, so i can now cover new information!- 7/30/23
  • gonna try learning php! i want to try making my own guestbook so i think php may be useful ^^ may be a js situation where i take around a year to get around to it jebfgjshdg- 7/3/23
  • been hesitant abt sticker club and yumyum shop bc they have tabel formatting and i hate putting things in tables hjsdgsd- 6/28/23
  • been very into pixel clubs recentky!!! even made my own bunny club! i want to get into the stick sheet club and yum yum shop, but i think those will take a little more time. i finally set up a guestbook too (so it would be eay for ppl to send me links for the buns) i only make pixel art here and there, so its cool to get to try making new things with pixel art. I even make tiling grass (clovers)!!!- 6/25/23
  • hit 100 followers on neocities!!!! thank you so mjuch everyone ^^ on neocities 100 means a lot! i feel like ive found a 'social media' that i actually like to use and feel appreciated in. Theres always such a pressure on most sites to go with trends in order to gain attraction or stay relevant. You have to cultivate a personality or a brand, but here you can have facets and take your time - 6/18/23
  • have a lot of half formed started pages rn - having trouble staying focused on one, bouncing from idea to idea and not finishing them - eventually they wil be finished! i have been working on my site nonstop for months now, so its natural that i need sometime to refresh my brain - 6/17/23
  • attempting to make digitl curio cabinets for a new page! rn trying to find some good images be borders to make said cabinets - 6/15/23
  • thinking about making a little tutorial on first getting started on neocities, since it may seem intimidating to a beginner, i dont have a full idea yet, but id like to include smth about starting simple and how forgiving html is ^^ - 6/9/23
  • will update jukebox and jukebox tut with a fix for the marquee displaying the song name after the song has finished on its own
    - 5/29/23
  • added jukebox and deleted music page. music page was far too messy and laggy, and i had a hard time narrowing my music selection. for my jukebox i chose a combo of fav songs and ones i think would be fun. going to make jukebox tutorial
    - 5/23/23
  • drafting a jukebox for my homepage!!! i actually got the code to where i want, with simple js i managed to cobble together with trial error (giving elements a value is more helpful than an id)
    - 5/22/23
  • working on a music page with songs embeded, unfortunely i cant upload them to neocities bc copywrite, so ive been trying to find a solution. found a site thats perfect, but it only lets me upload ~10 files a day. did a google drive trick, but its slow and the songs often dont play. for now i will just have to upload songs daily until theyre all there
    - 5/22/23
  • after more than a year of having "eventually javascript" in my intro i now changed it to just javascript since i am indeed playing around with it too!!!
    - 5/19/23
  • almost done with js tips page!!! i have one more major section to do and ill be pretty much done >:3 (for now, i may learn things to add later)
    - 5/18/23
  • spent a solid 15 min trying to figure out what was wrong with my js and it turns out i misspelled onclick as onlick ._.
    - 5/18/23
  • wanted to feature a picture i took on a page alone, and ended up using it as a background for an exit page poem! not planned at all but i love it
    - 5/14/23
  • i have finally fleshed out the craft page with all the crafts i envisioned it having when i made it literally a year ago lol (for that year all it had was the bajoran earings) now any major content added to it will be new crafts ^^ i need to make it mobile responsive, but after that itll be solid
    - 5/13/23
  • may do a round light rainbow theme for my craft page :3 been uninspired for that page a while, but i have quite a few crafts i would like to share!!
    - 5/7/23
  • i did it!!! will have to neaten css for it later, but i have the javascript working how i want >:3 note to self: use "event.target" instead of "this"
    - 5/4/23
  • i want to make the font color and background color for my font page to be changeable by clicking a color, but there are a lot of html colors, so for now i have the input box ^^;
    - 5/4/23
  • editting a few scrollbars on pages so that they look more inplace with my designs on certain browsers. i use firefox on my computer and it has very subtle scrollbars, but the work computer has chrome and they look very out of place
    - 5/1/23
  • styled my font page and added more js functions!!!! just have to finish oraganizing the fonts into categories and ill publish it :3 (this is more of a static page that wont update, so i want to get it organized before i publish it ^^)
    - 4/27/23
  • figured out how to use javascript for my font stuff too im so excited i got it to work how i imagined!!! now the task of organizing all the fonts i have into categories orz (and taking them out of the tables i had them in ugh)
    - 4/26/23
  • prepping rainbow gradients for js filtering by organizing them into a flexbox instead of table. i dont use flexbox a lot but its def nicer to use than trying to manage/follow all the td and tr tags
    - 4/23/23
  • was gonna revamp my rainbow gradient page but then i got distracted by wikipedia and i now forsee a wikipedia userbox section in the future of my page heheheh
    - 4/23/23
  • might have a solution for using js to filter my rainbows and fonts >:3
    - 4/22/23
  • pissy adhd frustration crisis resolved: turns out "all()" is a js function that i cant just name my own function
  • swear to god im gonna explode, i can test the js and make it work on p elements bit when i do it on the marquee it doesnt???? also neocities decided not to update in the middle of it all
    - 4/9/23
  • still waffeling btwn keeping the button/blinkie marquee to save space on my homepage or revert it back so you can see all at once rather than Waiting for them - mite duplicate them into a div so that with a js button the marquees can be hidden and a stationary div be displayed
  • playing around with css glassmorphism rn! idk what ill use it for but ^^
    - 4/9/23
  • was trying to make a button to swicth the marquees to normal divs but i dont think im that advanced yet
    - 4/9/23
  • made a little status update thing for talking about my own web without it getting lost on neocities, or cluttering my chatbox, updates is for things that are Actually done
    - 4/8/23
  • Still trying to learn javascript, the numbers logic part is intimidating ^^;
    - 4/8/23
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