☀ Solaria's Crafts ☀

Rainbow Hoop Earings

close up of a hoop earing worn by me. eight beads dangle from the hoop by thin gold chains, each one a color of the rainbow. the same earing but held infront of a green outdoor background

- 5/29/23

Just some earings I had made with wire, chain, and beads. I made one end of the wire hoop form a small loop and the other end bent so that it could close. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to put into my ear, but it the simplest way to secure it. The goldish sead beads along the wire are used to space out the chains so that the rainbow beads would dangle in a line rather than clumping together.

Sun Catchers

my mom and i discovered we could pour resin over a holographic window cling, and the resin would pick up the texture (diffraction gradient), making it halographic as well (without damaging the film either)! we found some silicon molds to shape the resin with and poured a few ^^ I then assembled some sun catchers from them and random jewerly bits i had lying around :3

three strings of beads and chain hanging from a large cirular earing, making a sun catcher. the center string has rainbow beads, and also has a large teardrop shapped crystal at the bottom two almost identical sun catchers, both featuring a flat holographic heart and a pale pink star. a long sun catcher with multiple yellow star beads, a large flat resin cresent moon, and a small flat resin star a star themed sun catcher with two resin stars and a rainbow string of star beads. a thin dangle with a round crystal pendulum and rainbow beads resin star with three strings hanging off of it. the middle has a string of rainbow beads and ends in a round resin disc. one side ends in a crystal pendant, and the other ends in a small metal star. metal butterfly with four strings of beads and chain hanging from it rainbow sun catcher with metal moon pendant rainbow stars with a large crystal pendant bead heavy dangle featuring a black flower and a metal heart red themed sun catcher with with two dangles, the longer having a metal heart

these were made with very little planning, just making bits and aranging them on the fly ^^

a few beads i did specifically buy for this, where as most are scraps ive had for years

i orginally made one heart themed dangle, but my best frienjamin renjamin wanted it, so i made a matching pair :3

Stuffed Frogs

six small stuffed frogs

These frogs were made using tumblr user boigameista's pattern!

three piece sewing pattern for a simple frog
two side pieces sewn togther at the top the side pieces pinned to the bottom piece

i first stitched the sides together along the back arch. i then stitched the bottom to the sides, before turing it right side out and stuffing it ^^

Bajoran Earrings

earrings i made from buttons and jewelry scraps, inspired by the ones worn by bajorans in star trek!

23 dangly earings displayed on a folder

me wearing one:

dangly earing worn in an ear

my references :3

woman woman man man

common traits are: a large circular base, often with a stone in the middle, a dangle, and a cuff (cuffs arent pictured in my earrings, as i did not make it and i use the same one for each earring)

to make these i glued two buttons together, painted them black, spray painted them with a chrome/mirror silver paint, and attached assorted jewerly scraps for the dangles and middle gems

11 pairs of buttons glued together

here are the buttons glued together, ready to be spray painted

if you want buttons with cool textures/designs like these, look for jars of buttons at antique stores ^^

Paper Stars

a small vial filled with rainbow colored paper stars a handful of small multicolor paper stars multiple vials filled with colored stars. the colors make pride flags in the following order: bi, lesbian, nonbinary, trans, pan, and rainbow

i began learning origami when i was 8! i don't make much origami now days, aside from these little stars. you start off with a long strip of paper, tie it in a knot, wrap the strip around it, and puff it up! here is a video tutorial

the strip is typically 1/2 inch or 1-2 cm wide and aprox 11 inches long, but i like to make mine extra small at 4 mm wide (and about 4 inches long). this just happens to the the prefect size to fit into my old testosterone vials!

i wanted to make ace and aro flag vials, but i dont have any grey paper :(

Goth Choker

lace choker with chains, beads, and flowers

A choker i made entirely from scraps ^^

Sculpey Characters

a brown painted humanoid sulpture with mushroom accents the previous sculpture without paint. it is pale peach colored a rough humanoid foundation made of wire and tin foil

2017 - i made this mushroom lady in highschool for an art project where we worked with sculpey. sculpey is a nice material because you can bake it in a regular home oven ^^

her face looks a little weird; my intention was that her lips were supposed to look like the ruffled underside of some mushrooms, and her nose like a sliced mushroom used in food, but im not sure if that is obvious

a human sculpture wearing jeans a blouse the same sculpture not yet painted a rough tin foil base partially covered with sculpey

2018 - for my final project that same school year i made another sculpture, this time of my character Mark. I made him sitting so i could easily place him on a shelf ^^