Solaria's Link Catalogue

Welcome to my link page, one of my oldest but still useful pages! These arent links to my pages, but links to sites I think are useful or cool ^^ (like my bookmarks, except i atually look at these)



Web Related


For a lot more resources, check out the link section of my accessibility page!


Other webstuff

  • Megathread - master list of sites for all kinds of media and programs - not exactly a tutorial, but related to below.
  • How to Pirate - torrenting specifically

Non Web Tutorials

Browser Tools/Programs

  • Kaleidoscope - Optical Toys - drag and drop an image to make an interactive kaleidoscope of it
  • Catbox - upload files you can hotlink/embed on your webpage
  • - upload files you can hotlink/embed on your webpage
  • Free MP3 Download - music search engine and download
  • Kaleidoscope Painter - draw with radial symetry
  • - reverse image search
  • - make diagrams in your browser - no login needed
  • marginalia - search engine that prioritises non comercial content - if youre here on neocities you'll likely appreciate this!
  • Womp - beginner friendly 3d art program - works on wimpy computers
  • Skindex Editor - my fav minecraft skin editor
  • - gradient generator with layers for complex gradients - also a dithering generator in menu
  • pixlr - photo editor with many features - no account needed
  • ezgif - gif editor/converter/maker - trustworthy unlike other converters
  • youtube to mp3 - converts youtube videos to audio - use an adblocker
  • magnet poetry - drag words to make poems - by sagrl on neocities
  • jspaint - ms paint - custom zoom + more features
  • kidpix - a kids digital art program


Gifs and Graphics



Buttons, Blinkies, and Badges!

Non-web Collections

Free Software


  • Vimm's Lair - game console emulators and vast array of games (cool webdesign too)
  • anadius - Sims 4 and more
  • softpedia - catalogue of software and their downloads
  • Simply3D Guide - how to download and use Simply3D - an old 3D modeling program
  • Inkscape - graphic design program - have not tried yet
  • Medibang Paint - digital art program available for both computer and mobile - (ads are intrusive on phone, but computer is fine)
  • Mp3tag - program that edits info for audio - i use in conjunction with groove
  • MusicBee - a highly customizable music player - (can crash on wimpy computers like mine)
  • ImageGlass - simple photo viewer

Phone Apps

  • Oajoo Image Editor - image editor - take these reviews:

  • Dylan Singer. 4/17/22. This app is flawed, ugly, buggy, and yet is still far more useful than anything else on the Play Store like it. It has routinely saved me from sending some files to Drive, switching to my laptop, and opening GIMP for a simple adjustment. It always ends up on my phone. A must have, really. DarnChaCha. 7/11/21. This app is incredibly clunky and unintuitive, yet it is by far the most powerful image editor I have found on the App Store. It's incredibly shocking how hard it is to find digital editing apps where you can do something as simple as copy and paste, resize, rotate, and use multiple layers all-in-one app. When you get right down to it this is an image editor and most 'image editor' apps on the App Store are actually just filter editors
  • Pi Music player - music player - small unintrusive ad banner at bottom of screen - android
  • please for the love of god download your music as MP3s and use a basic music player instead of using spotify or worse amazon music - no audio ads, free, and you have all your music forever


links to pages that serve no real purpose other than that i enjoy them


  • geosketch - enter numbers for spirographesq designs - used to play this in 2011 ^^
  • websudoku - sudoku
  • 2048 - a number puzzle game based on powers of 2
  • - a multiplayer game based on the classic snake game - no account/email/etc needed to play