Digital Curio Cabinets

Each cabinet holds pixel art made for a specific Pixel Club!

Whats a pixel club?

Pixel clubs are simply collections of pixel art made for the theme of the club!

If they are active, they are usually easy to join, simply make pixel art fitting the theme (or using the template if they have one) and message the club creator!

Its also nice to include other club member's work somewhere on your site ^^ If you do, be sure to link the creators webpage to their pixel art, but don't hotlink the art. Instead, upload and source the images from your site, not theirs

Afternoon Tea

ceramic teacup with starry liquid and a rainbow above

my teacup!

purple teacup with a purple chicken in it

my best frenjamin's cup!

blue teacup with a red squid in it

a tea by the creator of the club!

some lovely teas by other Afternoon Tea club members (check the teaclub link for more!)

pink cup with white whipped cream lemonade in a glass teacup white teacup with a small frog peaking out of it pink cracked teacup with a ghost and RIP teabag rainbow cup with whipped cream glass cup with starry liquid and two crystals blue cup with clouds floating over it grey cup with a skull on it and blue liquid inside glass cup with tea in it cracked blue and purple cup with bowling alley carpet pattern inside frog peaking out of a strawberry or tomato themed cup cat peaking over the edge of a teacup with a spirit rising off of it

Kitty Friends

orange cat

the club revivor's kitty!

black and white catGarfield, an orange stripped cat

a black and white kitty and garfield by me

black cat with light markings

renjamins kitty!!

Every Kitty Friend! (it felt wrong to leave any out)

orange cat black and white cat Garfield teal cat blue alien cat in pink astronaut suit surprised orange red cat lilac cat with big eyes black cat with light markings siamese cat with a crown and royal cape grey cat light pink cat calico cat with a crown ghost cat with hollow eyes light blue cat hello kitty blue stripped cat yellow cat green cat brown cat with cream splotches brown cat with light owl like face

Fizzy Vendor Clique

blue drink in a bottle with a gold letter S on it

my drink!

pink drink in a bottle with glass stopper

the creators drink!

Charm Bracelets

gold chain round gold charm with rainbow gems gold chain

my charm :3

rosegold chain rose gold heart charm with initials CBPC rose gold chain

The club charm!

gold chain round gold charm with rainbow gems round gold charms with letters hanging that say Xandra gold pink and blue heart engraved with the name 'Theseus'. gold charm with the name 'June'. gold chain

gold charms

silver chain silver charm of a cat face silver charm with initials AWHE silver outlined purple soda can strawberry with silver border silver chain

silver charms

rosegold chain rosegold charm with initals CBPC peach outlined in rosegold teddy bear charm with hanging letters that read 'artwork'. rainbow symbol charm overlaid with the name 'Pira'. rosegold chain

rose gold charms

gold chain progress pride flag trans pride flag asexual pride flag gold chain

pride charms - by xandra

Bunny Garden

grey baby bunny white bunny side view redish brown bunny with a light underside standing on its hind feet brown bunny with a white tail sitting with its back towards the viewer.

my bunnies! (im the club creator ^^)

The other lovely bunnies!

brown and cream colored baby bunny starry blue sky patterned bunny with one ear up and one ear down cream colored bunny sitting with brown splotches and freckles. brown bunny standing on its hind legs dark purple bunny sitting away from viewer. Has lavander markings, black bat wings, and black horns dark purple bunny standing on its back legs. Has lavander markings, black bat wings, and black horns pale green bunny sitting away from viewer, has a large pale yellow star on its back pink baby bunny with fairy wings white bunny sitting loaf style with a black heart over one eye brown bunny sitting away from viewer, with floppy ears and a floating crown red bunny on its hind legs with blue wings and eyes. It also has antenna. white and black bunny sitting on its back legs with one ear up and one ear down grey bunny flopped on its side strawberry blond bunny with white underbelly and a blue jacket brown bunny wearing a yellow shirt and red overalls blue bunny wearing sunglasses and saying, 'sup'. pale lilac bunny with pink wings

Lava Lounge

blue lavalamp in a silver base blue lavalamp with black liquid

the creators lamps!

purple liquid with yellow wax in a silver base

my lamp!

Yum-yum Shoppe

my shop!
- baby bunny
- pretzel
- star gem
- strawberry
- pear
- sunburst
- sparkle orb
- diamond
purchased items:
- boba - pastelhell
- tokage - cinni
rainbow cobyzaby
- hedgehog - key
- rootbeer - key
- iced tea - key
- soft serve - key
- butterfly - edie
- berries - nemo
- diffuser - nemo

Sticker Sheet Club

my stickers!

rainbow rainbow heart pink hearts making a bigger heart rainbow hearts making a bigger heart minecraft grass block minecraft crying obsidian block minecraft guilded blackstone block minecraft nether portal block Startrek TNG com badge rainbow sun halo and sundogs
sticker sheet club

credits to solinus for the edit of my glass pannel effect! Check his site out if you like glassmorphic design ^^