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Experiences on Testosterone

March 12, 2023

As of writting this I've been on T for roughly 3 years! Everyone has slightly different experiences on HRT so I figured I would share mine ^^ I'm 23 and started testosterone Febuary 28 2020! I'm currently on 50mg/mL per week, injected subcutaneously (into fat, not muscle). This was my starting dose as well, it was increased for a few months, but my red blood cell count had become too high (increasing blood clot risk) so it was lowered. Its still high, so I will soon be trying gel, but that has not started yet. To manage the risk, I take baby asprin (81 mg)

One of the first things that occured was bottom growth, which is very common for transmasc ppl on t. I did not get much bottom growth to my dissapointment, but it was more sensitive for the growth period (don't remember how long that was). Now my degree of growth is very likely because I have NCAH which already caused minor masculinzation pre-t, thus my genitals already resembled those on t.

I had one period after starting T and have had no more since.

As a greyasexual my increase in libido was mostly just present as "morning wood" when I woke up. Now that I'm on antidepressants that doesn't happen anymore. Otherwise there wasn't much of a difference for me.

I did not experience any notable change in appetite, which was dissapointing since it is sometimes hard to eat.

Before T i didn't hardly sweat, but I definately sweat a lot more. Cold showers in the summer without AC help!

I think I first noticed voice changes around 3 months, and I think they finalized around a year after starting T. Pre T I was trying to deepen my voice without much success, but in becoming accustomed to speaking from my chest rather than my throat, the changes T made on my voice are much more notable. I'm small so people are sometimes surprised by how deep my voice is, and I've frequently been told I have a voice for radio

I noticed a mild increase in facial acne, but that was expected since it is basically puberty, I'm also not bothered by acne

Body hair and facial hair has slowly come in, starting after some months. First the tops of my thighs filled in more as well as my knees (rest of my legs were already very much hairy), my chin hairs increased (I already had a few scragglies due to NCAH), and my sideburns lengthened. Somewhere along the way I got belly hair and my facial hair become enough to become a beard. As of now my beard is still filling in, as is my chest hair. Rightnow I have asymetrical chest hair, with hair on the left side of my chest but not the right, which I think is funny. I don't have as much arm hair as I anticipated, as both my brothers have very fluffy arms, but I hope it grows in.

On T I expected my hips to get a little narrower, and my waist to get less sinched, due to fat/muscle distribution, but that did not happen. To be fair my dad has a narrow waist and sturdy legs. What did happen, that I was not expecting at all, was how wide my shoulders/chest got! My neck also widened, meaning I can't stand small t shirts anymore. My small dress shirts fit fine, except for the neck which I often can't button.

I haven't noticed any change in my mood since starting T, positive or negative.

My height has not been affected, as I had puberty at a young age

Overall I'm very pleased with the experience!