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Welcome to my character page! Its only taken me almost two years to get around to making... I don't work with them as much as I used to, but I figure I'd document them here ^^ Some character galleries are sparce because I haven't drawn them in a while and my old art for them is just. bad.

Note that all of my OCs have flaws, some critical or unpleasant. This is to make them more realistic as humans, not to demonize them. Mental health issues and abuse are mentioned, including a reference to suicidal thoughts in Opal's section.

Some artwork in Mark and Lazaro's shared gallery is suggestive, but not explicit. Mark's gallery includes one nude drawing with visible genitals, but it is not sexual.

Mark and Lazaro

These two are a pair, created together in January of 2015! (That is horrifyingly 9 years ago). Mark was originally a werewolf and Lazaro was a vampire initially named Luther. Things have changed a lot since then, but a few remain the same. Mark is generally shy and insecure, where as Lazaro is more confident, but also reserved. Unfortunately I don't have much of a story for them anymore, unless its my Star Trek AU, but sometimes I put them in Situations.

If you ever wanted to play a dress up game of someone elses OCs - wait, you don't? Well if you want to avoid even seeing a dress up game of my OC's, don't visit my Mark and Lazaro dress up game! It features boring things like outfits they might wear, and even bios about them. If you don't want to see hairy men in their underwear please don't click on that link! It might turn you gay for men!

I also made Neocities homepages for them! Theyre not very fleshed out, nor are they exactly "canon" but I tried to make the pages according to their aesthetics and abilities. Opal also has a page in her section ^^

I tend to draw them in tender intimate scenes, showing intimacy and romantic love in ways that aren't just kissing (though there is some kissing). I also don't like designing clothes and do like looking at men, so uh they are often not wearing clothes ♥


I love angst, so Mark often struggles with internalized homophobia and hints of gender dysphoria that he doesn't even understand yet. Raised in a rural conservative area with a father and peers who are relentlessly homphobic. Exploring this is cathartic for me.

Mark also deeply struggles with self confidence and desperately wanting people to Like Him. He avoids conflict at all costs and will hide his own opinions if he thinks it will mean he won't be disliked. The epitomy of the "fawn" response. In this regard he is the closest OC I have to a self-insert or persona (I am deeply uncomfortable characterising myself directly).

On the positive side, he's generous, forgiving, and assumes the best in everyone (though this can be manipulated by other people).

In my Star Trek AU he's the ship's doctor, but he is originally from our present day, having encountered a space-time anomoly in his early 20s. He has found a much more accepting and satisfying life in the future, but being from the past, he still struggles with some internalized homophobia and feeling out of place. Awed by the possibility, he took the opportunity to experience space travel, though through it he ends up feeling homesick.


  • he/him conflicted feelings about gender, lives as a man but doesn't feel much like one, under the nonbinary umbrella but doesn't realize it
  • likes men in a gay way, foundational to how he grew up and experiences the world
  • usually 30s-40s, can be older or younger depending on the setting
  • white american
  • Social anxiety, undiagnosed innatentive ADHD, possible autism

    Design Notes

  • Short and fat, no exceptions. broad shoulders And wide hips, giving him both masculine strength and a motherly look
  • loose curly hair, can be very short to long and fluffy, dirty blond but Not light blond (peanut butter colored)
  • big upturn nose, round face, would have a square jaw if he were thinner
  • round brown eyes, can be amber to dark brown, thick eyebrows
  • hairy, his werewolf design gives him extra tufts of hair
  • ruddy complexion, his cheeks especially so.


Lazaro's angst takes the form of golden child turned family dissapointment. The oldest and brightest, he was held to high expectations, and faced harsh criticism when he began to fail to live up to them. He still holds resentment and longing for his family. As a result he is very defensive and a perfectionist and deeply critical of his skills.

When I had him as a mage, he was talented at magic as a child, but couldn't learn to control it well enough. I don't really depict him as a mage anymore, but in his gallery you'll see him wearing some interesting outfits because of it.

In my Star Trek AU hes a Vulcan who has trouble controlling his emotions (yeah real original I know). To escape all of the expectations of judgement from his peers and family he joined a star ship with a majorly human crew. Unfortunately he found himself reminded by his crew mates of how Vulcan he was, or how Vulcan he wasn't. Because of this he cultivated a hostile and cold attitude. He's depcited with long hair to symbolize a rejection of Vulcan norms. He's second in command on the ship.

Mark, having not been exposed as long to stereotypes about Vulcans, treats Lazaro more as an individual and is respectful of his boundaries, eventually leading Lazaro to grow closer to him.


  • he/him, trans man
  • bisexual and demisexual
  • usually 30s-40s, can be older or younger depending on the setting
  • mexican american, mestizo
  • possible autism, possible ocd

    Design Notes

  • tallish and thin, but not lean, can be scrawny if not doing well, may be heavier into old age, sturdy legs regardless
  • black wavy hair, undercut or long
  • dark brown eyes, angled eyebrows, deep eyebags regardless of age
  • overbite (important!) sometimes with a tooth gap
  • long thin face, notable cheekbones
  • dark tan skin


Best friend to Mark. Mellow goofy demeanor (former class clown), but struggles alot with self hatred and jealousy. Her self worth is at its highest when you laugh at her jokes, at its lowest when you don't respond to her, or are hanging out with someone else. Doesn't know what she wants to do in life, honestly thought she would be dead by now.

Picks up and drops new hobbies, especially crafts, frequently. Jack of all trades, master of none. Amature seamstress. Furry, but sadly I have not designed her fursona yet, probably a bat or moth. Warrior cats kid.

I made a Neocities homepage for her, made as if she made it: Opal's homepage.


  • she/they, just some guy, but in a chick way, nonbinary but not seaking out medical transition
  • aromantic and asexual, hates how romance focused everything is
  • usually 30s-40s, can be older or younger depending on the setting
  • biracial (asian and white) american, japanese heritage
  • BPD, ADHD, depression, PCOS

    Design Notes

  • medium height, chubby to fat, somewhat pear shaped, but not exagerated
  • shaved head, fresh to grown out an inch, or long hair with bangs
  • oval face shape, dimpled chin
  • thick eyebrows, occasionally shaved to a dot each
  • can be drawn with or without piercings and lipstick
  • light tan skin


Long term dear friend and former lover of Lazaro. They still have feelings for one another, but found out they simply didn't work as a couple. A people person who loves always having something to do, but struggles with moral guilt. A hobbist photopgrapher and hiker. Deeply curious and appreciative of nature.

She and Lazaro met in thier young twenties, she was out as trans before him, and helped him explore his own gender.

Initially a vampire like Lazaro. In the magic world she is a mage. In my Star Trek AU she is a human as the ships captain.


  • she/her, trans woman
  • bisexual
  • usually 30s-40s, can be older or younger depending on the setting
  • Black american
  • moral ocd

    Design Notes

  • medium height, maybe 5'8" or 5'7" (170-173 cm), between thin and chubby, not either
  • hair often in twists ending in an untwisted bun, but can vary. Black with or without dyed red portions.
  • dark brown eyes and angled eyebrows
  • dimples :3, squarish jaw (but not exagerated)
  • eye bags are a straight line from inside corner of eye into cheek
  • medium brown skin


Girlfriend of Gabrielle, quiet. Loves all kinds of music and collecting little things. Very spacey. Easily frustrated. Unfortunately not as developed as my other ocs.

A faun in my magic world setting, hence the ears and legs.


  • she/her, cis woman
  • lesbian
  • usually 30s, can be older or younger depending on the setting
  • Black american
  • autism, adhd, probably anxiety

    Design Notes

  • just slightly taller than Gabrielle, lanky
  • hair is usually locs, puffs, shaved, or braids, often partially bleached yellow.
  • big round eyes and soft eyebrows
  • small round nose, oval face with small chin
  • glasses! large with usually clear or white frames
  • medium dark brown skin with face freckles


A werewolf child in one of my stories where Mark is also a werewolf. A weird kid who doesn't trust easily, prefering to hide and Observe. Sometimes mischievious and gets into things she isn't supposed to.

In my werewolf story she is informally adopted by Mark with two other abandoned werewolf children. Even as children, werewolves have tufts of hair on their body and face.


  • she/her, cis girl
  • child around 11
  • white american
  • autism

    Design Notes

  • tall and thin for her age
  • straight red hair long or in a bob, sometimes greasy
  • wide eyes and a blank expression
  • eyebags despite being young
  • pale skin with freckles


Initially a combo of Mark and Lazaro, their insecurities washed out by love to make someone who is much more bubbly than either of them. Very distractable. Full of love but also deep and new insecurity about their sense of self as a person, founded by the loss of their two compenents, Mark and Lazaro.


  • they/he, intersex
  • bisexual but not seeking a relationship
  • mexican american, mestizo
  • adhd, autism

    Design Notes

  • medium height, chubby, between Mark and Lazaro's body types, slightly more pear shaped than Mark
  • fluffy black wavy hair, hairy
  • round dark brown eyes, thick arched eyebrows, eyebags
  • longer face like Lazaro, with a squarer jaw and round cheeks like Mark.
  • light tan skin