✪ Solaria's Art ✪


Here you will find paintings (traditional and digital), pixel art, OC drawings, figure drawings, and more! This gallery is reserved for my nicest art work, if you'd like to see a lot more character sketches, check out my original characters page!

Nudity is present but it is not explicit. Artwork is displayed roughly with newest at the top. Selecting an image takes you to a higher res version with extra details about that particular piece!

Some small pixels as a treat! Most of these were made for various pixel clubs :3

Mark wearing a red sweater and blue jeans. He's holding his arm somewhat nervously. He;s fat and has shaggy dirty blond hair. tiny strawberry. lavalamp with red liquid and black wax. tiny Garfield sitting and looking side to side. gold lavalamp with orange liquid and animated bubbles instead of wax. charm with four rainbow colored gems in a circle, and a clear gem in the center. tiny yellow star gem. tiny pear. four leaf clover charm. gold holly charm. snowflake charm. blue bottle with an ornate gold S symbol. lavalamp with purple liquid and yellow animated wax. ivory ceramic tea mug with galaxy liquid and sparkles and a rainbow steaming above it. Lazaro standing with on hand on his hip. He's wearing a sleaveless button up ivory blouse and black pants. He's skinny, has tan skin and black hair. side view of a white bunny sitting. tiny rotating diamond. tiny grey bunny sitting. redish brown bunny standing on its back legs looking to the side. tiny pretzle. brown cotton tail bunny sitting with its back towards the viewer. black and white kitty sitting.